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Contemplation of Perfection

While I seriously dislike being cold, I’d prefer a hundred times over to have to reach for an extra sweater than to sit in 90-degree heat and high humidity with no recourse.  Hot weather is my SADD trigger:  I really physically suffer if I have to endure baking temperatures and sauna-like moisture in the air,Continue reading “Contemplation of Perfection”

“Malaise” Is the Word

I recently marked a birthday.  My 63rd, to be exact.  When I was very small, there was always a cake and candles, with a toy or two.  When I got a bit older, birthdays lost their luster, because our family couldn’t afford much fanfare.  As my mother became increasingly incapacitated, there weren’t even cakes anymore. Continue reading ““Malaise” Is the Word”

Pet Peeves

Part I:  Customer Service, NOT [The subject under discussion today is, admittedly, trivial compared with the more critical problems this country faces 20 years into the new millennium.  Still, as it’s part and parcel of everyday life, and not in a good way, it’s worth a mention.] There probably isn’t a soul in this countryContinue reading “Pet Peeves”

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