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Thoughts on the Road

Here we are, last week of September, taking our annual camping vacation.  Because Rick has his favorite state park in the fall, and I have mine, we divide our time between the two.  We go to Rick’s choice first, Mohican State Park, because there’s a top-notch restaurant nearby, adjacent to a modern-day castle on aContinue reading “Thoughts on the Road”

I’m NOT “We”

In an introduction to a new post on the TomDispatch site, commenter Nick Turse evokes Lady MacBeth as he laments the indelible blood on his hands as a result of the U.S.’ War on Terror.  The preface connects to an article by Kelly Denton-Borhaug entitled, “A Parable of (All-American) Violence – Accountability and the WarContinue reading “I’m NOT “We””

Seasonal Changes

Usually, an equinox passes almost unnoticed, with little or no accompanying weather change; it’s just a man-made designation, signifying equal hours of light and darkness on a given day.  It’s an official watershed marking the slow slide into cold weather, but it’s nothing to particularly note in and of itself, as a rule, unless oneContinue reading “Seasonal Changes”

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