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Maybe It’s Simple

I could be reaching here.  Maybe I’m trying to make sense of a phenomenon that defies reason.  Or, I’m over-simplifying.  I’ve been banging my head against the wall since Election Day, trying to figure out how in the bloody hell to account for 73 million votes for the abomination in the White House.  Impossible asContinue reading “Maybe It’s Simple”

The Value of Stillness

More than ever, in these fraught times, it’s essential to have a source of strength and centeredness.  An anchor to remind us who we are and what we value most.  Yes, it’s also critical to have a belief in a larger effort or cause, something outside our insular daily routines, to provide outward focus.  ThereContinue reading “The Value of Stillness”

Now What?

Make no mistake:  I still feel the sadness and outrage at the state of this country that I felt when I made my last post, before the election outcome was certain (I’m assuming that none of the incumbent’s nefarious schemes to overturn the results will gain any traction).  It’s still obscene that the lying, smarmy,Continue reading “Now What?”

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