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The Passing of Justice

As a woman, I owe Ruth Bader Ginsburg a huge debt.  She’s usually not spoken of in the same breath as Gloria Steinem, but she probably did as much as or more than Steinem for women’s equality.  Her early work was with the ACLU, and then she began on the cause to which she devotedContinue reading “The Passing of Justice”

The I’s Have It

With a few notable exceptions (Johnny Carson and Audrey Hepburn being two of them), most celebrities are extroverts.  They crave the spotlight and they shine in it.  They like to be surrounded by other people, and are happiest when they have a lot going on.  Their philosophy is, “The more the merrier!”  This approach toContinue reading “The I’s Have It”

Why the Need for Speed?

I’ve never been a big fan of large power boats, even when I lived on a resort island and was surrounded by them all summer.  Instead, my dream was always to own a smallish sailboat.  There were two sail regattas in the lake every July and August.  What’s unique about a sailboat race?  The vesselsContinue reading “Why the Need for Speed?”

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