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No Worries, Ted

Lord knows, I’m not a big fan of the Democrats.  They’re every bit as much bought-and-paid-for as their opponents across the aisle.  Their continual failure to fight as if they actually mean it for green solutions, women’s rights, sane gun laws, and other measures to benefit We the People drives me up a wall, andContinue reading “No Worries, Ted”

There Is Nothing

Celestine “Stiny” Chaney loved pink.  Ruth Whitford was the proud matriarch of her family.  Aaron Salter, a security guard at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, died trying to save Stiny and Ruth, and seven other victims. Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles died trying to save their students.  Amerie Jo Garza, who’d just made the HonorContinue reading “There Is Nothing”

The Craziness Spectrum

“Off the deep end,” is an apt description for much of life in this third decade of the 21st century.  Actions and behavior that would have been unacceptable in polite society fifty years ago — or even earned one a stint in a mental health facility — have become normalized these days, to one extentContinue reading “The Craziness Spectrum”

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