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God and Lizardmen

I want to start by saying that I’m not being at all facetious with this post, nor do I intend to be disrespectful, blasphemous, or snidely disingenuous, although I’m sure my commentary will strike some nerves.  For years, in my 20s, I was a mostly-convinced atheist.  I admired the few people I knew who wereContinue reading “God and Lizardmen”

Sympathy for [Some] Texans

The northeast Ohio area is deep blue, particularly heavily urban Cuyahoga County, which is decidedly multiracial.  In recent decades, it has elected some of the most Progressive politicians in government, among them Dennis Kucinich and Sherrod Brown.  After four terms, the Democratic National Committee gerrymandered Representative Kucinich out of his district in favor of aContinue reading “Sympathy for [Some] Texans”

A Question of Accountability

For over a week near the end of January, after she was identified, Rachel Powell was in hiding, sought after by the FBI.  Profiled by Ronan Farrow at The New Yorker, Powell has eight children, ranging in age from 4 years to mid-twenties; some of the younger ones disappeared from her house when she did. Continue reading “A Question of Accountability”

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