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Seasonal Changes

Usually, an equinox passes almost unnoticed, with little or no accompanying weather change; it’s just a man-made designation, signifying equal hours of light and darkness on a given day.  It’s an official watershed marking the slow slide into cold weather, but it’s nothing to particularly note in and of itself, as a rule, unless oneContinue reading “Seasonal Changes”

Empathy Is NOT Us

Running through all of U.S. foreign policy is one basic flaw:  a total lack of empathy for other nations and cultures.  I don’t mean by this statement that our government doesn’t calculate that if we do A, then the other country will react by doing B.  Obviously, diplomats, policy strategists, and the medal-laden occupants ofContinue reading “Empathy Is NOT Us”

Somebody Dial 911

As I commented on another forum, W. J. Astore’s powerful Bracing Views, the day the Twin Towers fell left me with memories of both horror and poignancy.  The horror part is self-explanatory.  The poignancy may seem surprising.  I was working in an office in downtown Cleveland on 9/11.  It happened to stand next to theContinue reading “Somebody Dial 911”

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