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The Message IS the Message

During a nine-day period over the holidays, Los Angeles police officers shot six people, killing five, including 14-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta.  None of those people had a gun; most were doing nothing provocative; Ms. Orellana-Peralta was hiding in a dressing room.  In response to this carnage, the cry from the left comes:  “Defund the police!”  Now,Continue reading “The Message IS the Message”

A Question…

Dear God, How Did We Get Here? Representative Massie family Christmas photo I’m not a conventionally religious person.  In fact, I don’t consider myself religious at all, but rather, I think of myself as spiritual, with an idiosyncratic set of beliefs based on my life experience.  One of those convictions is that, in a vaguelyContinue reading “A Question…”

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