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The Flip Side

I’m pretty adamant about my beliefs, as a rule.  I tend to read widely and to not come to a conclusion absent a fair amount of consensus.  I like to consider both sides of important questions. I’ve monitored politics all my life, but have watched especially closely since the stolen Presidential election of 2000, whenContinue reading “The Flip Side”

Dogged Determination

“Like a dog with a bone.” “You’re like a bulldog:  sink your teeth in and never let go.” “Tracking you like a bloodhound.” “Dogging your footsteps.” We usually think of our canine companions as being loyal and unconditionally loving.  “Persistent” and “stubborn” aren’t often the first descriptions that come to mind, but they are equallyContinue reading “Dogged Determination”

The “Happy Medium” Imperative

I greatly respect writers and analysts like Chris Hedges and Caitlin Johnstone.  They have the courage and the savvy to speak truth to power.  They outline in fine detail the encroachment of the oligarchs on the societies of the world, particularly in the United States.  They rightly warn about the increasing disparity between the uber-wealthyContinue reading “The “Happy Medium” Imperative”

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