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Ageism Is a Funny Thing

It’s strange how mutually exclusive two of the most common forms of age bias can be.  If one is over 50 and loses one’s job, it’s a Very Big Deal.  A post on LinkedIn referencing the difficulty of landing a decent position post-50 will pull in dozens of comments and ugly personal stories.  When IContinue reading “Ageism Is a Funny Thing”

The Ripple Effect

We’ve all seen that the news for both the working and the uncmployed public isn’t good this week.  The relief package meant to help the struggling, jobless millions is stalled because Mitch and his Band of Renegades refused to do anything about it.  Even the Dems, sorry as they may be en masse, proposed newContinue reading “The Ripple Effect”

A Matter of Trust

Some love is just a lie of the mindIt’s make believe until it’s only a matter of timeAnd some might have learned to adjustBut then it never was a matter of trust I’m sure you’re aware loveWe’ve both had our share ofBelieving too longWhen the whole situation was wrong Some love is just a lieContinue reading “A Matter of Trust”

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