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Pet Peeves

Part I:  Customer Service, NOT [The subject under discussion today is, admittedly, trivial compared with the more critical problems this country faces 20 years into the new millennium.  Still, as it’s part and parcel of everyday life, and not in a good way, it’s worth a mention.] There probably isn’t a soul in this countryContinue reading “Pet Peeves”


Spring has well and truly arrived in northeast Ohio.  Know how I can tell?  We had a snowstorm overnight and into this morning.  On April 21st.  Unless the warm-up happens at warp speed, we’re set to have a white Earth Day.  Poetic, I guess, as that day was established to bring attention to climate change. Continue reading “Relapse”

Speaking of Infrastructure…

[At this writing, President Biden had proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure package that would affect multiple aspects of Americans’ lives, not just roads, bridges, railways, and ports.] We live in a relatively old neighborhood.  Most of the houses are century homes, with styles ranging from Victorian to Italianate to Craftsman to plain old Colonial, eachContinue reading “Speaking of Infrastructure…”

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