Inmates and the Asylum

screenshot from, 1/6/20, 5:48 PM

As I write this, protestors have besieged and occupied the U.S. Capitol this afternoon.  Orange supporters have done the bidding of their leader.  D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had requested National Guard assistance leading up to today’s certification of the Electoral College votes, but as reported by the D.C. chief of police, Robert J. Contee III, what had originally looked like a peaceful protest changed character as the crowd approached the Capitol, at which point, they surged forward, breached the fencing, and then proceeded to break into the building and terrorize Congressional representatives. 

Representative Kevin McCarthy, minority leader, gave a live interview off-camera, during which he reiterated his support for the Orange One and his belief that the election was stolen, but came out in strong terms against the actions of the mob today.  Spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway essentially took the same tack, maintaining that the Orange Menace has the right of things, but physically taking over the Capitol to demonstrate solidarity is too much.

The crowning touch came when, after several hours, and being taken to the woodshed by Joe Biden, the incumbent finally released a video repeating all his previous lies, sympathizing with the mob, encouraging their feelings, but incidentally mentioning that they needed to go home.  It was a dog whistle if ever there was one, very carefully crafted.  This, after he had openly and quite loudly exhorted these whackos to come to D.C. and….basically do what they’re doing. 

Joe Biden, looking shaken but in control, repeatedly stated that what’s happening is NOT who we are as a nation.  He also asserted his desire to reunite the country. 

I believe that Mr. Biden is much too sanguine about the prospect of “healing.”  What the world saw today IS representative of this country today.  His election victory—while in absolute terms, was one of the widest in history—still only amounted to a 52% to 48% margin.  That is, enormous numbers of voters rejected him, many of them, “with prejudice,” so to speak.  We see the results happening on live TV right now.

After all the mayhem wrought by the criminal in the White House, some 140 duly elected representatives (a number of them voted in on the same ballots they’re now maintaining are fraudulent) had been planning to contest the Electoral College count, along with 13 of their Senate brethren.  The sheer insanity of the last two months has not dissuaded them.  Amid scenes of evacuation and barricading in place in the Capitol chamber, Kevin McCarthy still would not speak ill of the soon-to-be-former White House resident.  Arch enabler Mitch McConnell has yet to issue a condemnation of today’s events, when he should have been thundering out against them from the first minute.  These supposed caretakers of democracy have vacated their posts, most conspicuously.  They have failed miserably to voice criticism of the Instigator-in-Chief.  They and their fellow asylum guardians have incited the psychopaths to violate what should be a sacred space.  Instead of conducting the, “business of the country,” as Biden put it in his remarks, our august legislative bodies were hiding behind overturned chairs and looking out at the mob through broken windows, hoping security and police forces could protect them.  Apparently, insanity is the second virulent virus to overtake our country this year, accompanied by a terrifying thirst for violence.  Perhaps Mr. Biden’s inauguration should be virtual, undertaken in an undisclosed venue.  If police forces requisitioned from half a dozen counties, and troopers from all the surrounding states, plus the National Guard, could not contain the chaos and mayhem in our capital, the inmates are too overwhelming a force to be allowed access to any area of governmental process.  Biden may think he can bridge the divide, and the GOP rats may be scrambling to distance themselves from the sinking ship and its depravity, but if today’s utter madness is any indication, business as usual in the U.S. is FUBAR for the foreseeable future.

9 thoughts on “Inmates and the Asylum

    1. Appalling and deeply saddening, yes. With no remedy in sight. I couldn’t believe the live TV images as the rioters broke into the Capitol and raced inside. It was like a movie about a third-world country.

      As you may know, there’s been talk of a second impeachment, but it seems that such a move would be a non-starter. I think the incumbent deserves to tried and convicted by the Senate, but I think it would be much more effective if New York nails him and puts him in max security for the rest of his miserable life.


  1. magnificent ponderings, ms. ponderment. thank you for an exquisite and comprehensible clarification of the chaos amuck in DC. even soi-disant ‘banana republics, never mind democratic republics [are there any left?], will be stupefied and appalled at the theatre-of-the-absurd the US has become.


    1. In it’s way, I think this is a sadder day than 9/11 was. Steny Hoyer, longtime representative from Maryland, just made a comment about, “the enemy from within,” meaning today’s mob. An astute and refreshingly forthright characterization. Lots of commenters are labeling today’s violation a terrorist attack, and that’s accurate, as well.


  2. Thanks for the description of the ”blow by blow” stratagems by followers of a broken dream. Apparently this is how our citizenry has learned to express itself; mimicking drills based on lessons mastered in the classrooms of our military industrial complex. As our creator was shrugging today I was oblivious to all the mayhem; sitting in a coffee shop reading Capra and Luisi’s The Systems View of Life. It is a blessing not owning a subscription to the TV. It felt natural not connecting to the internet until after 9 pm. Your notification of today’s Foot of Pride carnival was a telling portrait about a predictable clown car crash inside the hallowed halls of congressional power brokers. Thanks for the update. Somehow it feels as if it is something deserved after the abdication of quality that so many have been demanding from our elected officials; but they are so inept at delivering. As Bob sang ….
    I Need a Shot Of Love …

    I need a shot of love, I need a shot of love

    Don’t need a shot of heroin to kill my disease
    Don’t need a shot of turpentine, only bring me to my knees
    Don’t need a shot of codeine to help me to repent
    Don’t need a shot of whiskey, help me be president

    I need a shot of love, I need a shot of love

    Doctor, can you hear me? I need some Medicaid
    I seen the kingdoms of the world and it’s makin’ me feel afraid
    What I got ain’t painful, it’s just bound to kill me dead
    Like the men that followed Jesus when they put a price upon His head

    I need a shot of love, I need a shot of love
    May we all take a long strong pull…


    1. I have to admit, I only became aware of today’s events due to call from my husband, who heard a radio report while at work. I never watch TV news, and the last time I had the TV on during the day was on 9/11. I only tuned in this afternoon to get a quick update, but the live coverage was so horrifying, I was mesmerized.


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