No Worries, Ted

Ted Cruz at NRA Convention, May 27, 2022 – © Brandon Bell/Getty

Lord knows, I’m not a big fan of the Democrats.  They’re every bit as much bought-and-paid-for as their opponents across the aisle.  Their continual failure to fight as if they actually mean it for green solutions, women’s rights, sane gun laws, and other measures to benefit We the People drives me up a wall, and leads to despair.  But one positive thing I’ll say about the donkeys is that they’re not purveyors of violence. 

Ted Cruz can stand in front of a microphone at an NRA convention three days after a school shooting and blather on about increased mental health awareness (though his state has cut funding for mental health care), about arming teachers, about hardening schools, and….nothing.  Those who disagree will rant and write op-eds and possibly even gather with signs, but Cruz will not have a target on his back.  He can praise and uphold gun fetishism to the skies, all the while knowing that, not only can no one shoot him at the convention, because guns are banned there, but no Dem will threaten him with gun violence later.  They’re just not wired that way, overall.  Of course, one guy did go off the rails over the Supreme Court’s pending strike-down of Roe v. Wade, and take a gun to stand in front of Brett Kavanaugh’s house, but he thought better of it and called 911 on himself, then waited for the police to arrive.  So, one half-baked attempt on one person versus multiple mass shootings in the last few weeks, perpetrated by extremists stoked by right-wing hysteria.

And it will get worse.  Conservative, Republican-appointed Clarence Thomas, writing for the majority, just handed down a Supreme Court decision declaring New York’s fairly restrictive gun laws to be unconstitutional.  In effect, states will lose their rights to enact their own laws about permits, open/concealed carry, and types of guns that can be purchased.  The GOP is ecstatic.

The gun culture is becoming ever more ingrained in the Republican party.  An Ohio GOP candidate for Congress recently ran an ad (since taken down, but not for content issues) showing various Dem leaders, then the candidate, J. R. Majewski, brandishing a rifle and promising to, “do whatever it takes,” to return the country to its former glory.  Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters made a social media post of himself toting a hand-crafted gun, with a promise to show Congress what, “shall not be infringed,” means.  Back as far as 2010, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle commented about using “Second Amendment remedies” against her competitor, Harry Reid.  And of course, last Christmas was an occasion for GOP officials to show off their collections of weapons, amid family gatherings.  Congressman Thomas Massie released his card just days after a Michigan school shooting, and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert followed shortly thereafter.  A February Twitter post from the Congresswoman shows her with a favorite semi-automatic sidearm strapped to her thigh, with the caption, “Come and take it.” 

I think it’s reasonable to state that this determination to dispense with gun laws resides solely in the Republican party.  Some Dems may own guns, but they’re not going all-out to re-create the wild West in modern times.  A broader issue intertwined with guns is that the GOP is becoming more aligned with, more embracing of, illegal militias and paramilitaries.  TFG notably called upon the Proud Boys to, “Stand back and stand by,” and we’ve seen the videos of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers leading the way into the Capitol on January 6, 2021.  We’ve heard that they had guns stashed around the city in anticipation of TFG’s instituting martial law.  Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers just testified before the January 6th Committee that men who attempted to intimidate him, his family, and his neighbors in the lead-up to the coup attempt were armed and were wearing the emblem of the Three Percenters

If there’s one characteristic that separates the two major political parties in this country, it’s the elevation of guns to holy stature, corresponding with the use of violence as a first resort.  As ineffectual as they may be — and they undeniably are — the Dems don’t periodically call for Second Amendment remedies or DINO hunting permits.  They don’t engage in, “lock them up!” chants.  They don’t make friends with militia leaders or urge armed followers to patrol voting venues.  No Dem faction is going to plan a kidnap attempt on a Republican governor because he/she implements pandemic protocols or any other procedures to keep citizens safe.  Which means that the GOP can say anything they want, commit any violation, mount an insurrection, and the consequences will be an appeal to law.  One party will burn it all down for the sake of specious “freedom,” and the other party will dither and make disapproving noises and stage doomed-to-fail votes.  The immediate danger to the U.S. population is the guns and violence of the GOP.  But the supine character of the Dems isn’t a remedy.  Far from it. Ted may not have to worry, nor the rest of his ilk, but the rest of us are reduced to duck and cover.

71 thoughts on “No Worries, Ted

  1. Great essay today Denise.
    And right on the money.
    Both corrupt political parties are not part of the solution.
    Both are part of the solution.

    You really need to think of emigrating my dear.
    My 40-year old doctor daughter in Madison WI has had enough.
    She can’t see a way of raising her kids in the shit hole that America has become.
    She has decided to give up her great career at the University of Wisconsin and move.

    She has applied to emigrate her family here to New Zealand
    Being the daughter of a New Zealand citizen, and a doctor, will make it easier for her we are praying.

    Take care


    1. Thanks, Dennis.

      Had we the wherewithal to emigrate, we’d seriously consider it. As it is, I’m retired, so we’re a one-income household, and I could never get hired anywhere else due to age, most likely. Also, all of my husband’s family are here, and I don’t think he’d leave them. Plus which, our house is paid for, and we spent 8 years rehabbing it ourselves, so we’d hate to move. My mother was born in Toronto, so Canada would be our only choice, although it would be quite acceptable. I’ve heard there’s such a thing as a retirement visa, so I’m going to check that out. I won’t sav, “never,” but I don’t think it’s likely we’d emigrate. Unless, of course, it gets to a Handmaid’s Tale situation.


    1. From this end of the telescope Dennis
      You had it right originally…
      America believes in the age old cooking adage…
      Too many cooks spoil the brew!
      So we only have ONE BIG celebrity chef with a many faceted face.
      We call our CHEF Democracy and the illusion is in “the choice”!
      We believe the broth has many different ingredients; and when they are blended together, will produce a nourishing, flavorful, wholesome dish that will sustain us on our journey together through this life.
      But the pot never has more than one ingredient to it’s solution. It’s a brand of selfish spice that each attendant chef in the kitchen sprinkles from their own personalized shaker. Flavorless but brightly packaged and guaranteed to make the solution they serve murkier with every twist of the silver spoon . They are all happy little attendant cooks dressed in the purest white aprons and puffed up white chefs hats. Happy to serve their Master Chefs every beck and call.
      Truly, there’s only one solution being served by our many faceted Master Chef. The Master’s best Magic is done with the flick of the wrist as the ladle drizzles the prison gruel slowly into our tin bowl and causes it to appear as sumptuous as a 5 course dinner….
      Here’s a tip for anyone seeking public office…
      One has to dissolve
      To become part of the solution…

      This was the best graffiti I’ve ever come across in the men’s bathroom stall… ✌🏼❤️🙏


  2. Phew Denise, I broke my promise to myself to stay away from WJA’s comment section for a while!
    Today I am getting skewered by one JG MOEBUS for my different views.
    And are having chest pains, and beating myself up.
    Maybe I deserved it – I dunno.
    Anyway it is what it is.
    If you are going to get your feelings hurt posting on the internet – as you say ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.
    Hope you are doing well.


    1. First, take care of yourself, my friend!

      Second, I’ve been on the receiving end of Moebus’ abuse more than once, so I know the feeling. Be grateful he took it easy today, I guess.

      Third, your comments were logical, reasonable, and accurate, never fear. Moebus is just an oppositionist, and he enjoys ranting, the more vehement, the better. He’s of the burn-it-all-down persuasion, whereas I’m not there yet, nor are you, which explains the contention.


      1. Thanks for that explanation Denise.
        I was really feeling that my comments were out of line and too offensive.
        And I just got a strike 2 from Bill – and am feeling a bit humiliated that I pissed him of.

        Sadly, I am hooked on this internet like a drug.
        Today I affirm I’m going to kick this habit – before it kills me.
        I appreciate your support


    1. tnx for all your bracing views inputs, den-mer and den-don. they are as thought-provoking as they are informative. of course, our concinnity of concatenations are amplified by our being on similar raster scans. nevertheless, i appreciate both your diplomacy and concerted efforts to maintain reasoned, civilized debates rather than acrid conflicts. my email address, for the divulgation record, is: should you be inspired to carry on w/ comments that are manumitted from fear of opprobrium or wja commenters’ obloquy.


  3. HOW could you get strike 2 from Bill? I must have missed one of your comments, ’cause I haven’t seen anything objectionable. Certainly not anything to remotely compare with Moebus’, Roger’s, and Michael’s egregious snark!

    You can reach Bill at


  4. Flamed by that condescending arsehole MOEBUS again Denise.
    I am a slow learner.
    I’m like an abused wife who always comes back for more. LOL
    I’m probably toast on Bills site now as well!
    It is what it is.
    Hope you are doing well today.
    You are in Cleveland right?
    2.43pm Saturday here. 9.44pm Friday at your place, Did I get that right?
    Take care


    1. Oh, man! “Condescending arsehole” is right! He invariably hands down wisdom from on high and speaks in absolutes. He chopped me off at the knees about war protests weeks ago, in slightly ruder terms, which is why I stopped responding to anything he posts. I still believe you and I are right about the effectiveness of protests.

      It’s actually a bit before 11:00 PM Friday here in Cleveburg. The U.S. has switched to permanent Daylight Savings time, for some god-unknown reason.

      Have a good rest of your afternoon and evening, sir!


  5. Denise I need to stop using the familiar New Zealand form of endearment ….”my dear”.
    Seems it is taken the wrong way by some.
    Thanks for vouching for me – much appreciated.
    And thanks for agreeing to disagree with me.
    We can be friends – even if we have different opinions on some things eh?
    Take care


  6. Yep, like all other internet bloggers he is finding that the comment section is a minefield.
    Moderating every post is a lot of work.
    And you can’t win – someone will always take offense at being moderated.
    Its a huge pity on Bills site.
    His site, and his readers by in large, were great – and a great way go pass the time, talk to like minded folks, and exercise the old brain.

    I think the comments lately have provoked more venomous argument because the topics are so controversial.
    A catholic Supreme Court and their bogus rulings get everybody very riled up.
    And politics in America right now is guaranteed to ruffle feathers and invite uncivility.
    The divide and conquer politics of American politicians poisoning the well for everybody.
    And frankly I think Bill had had enough of one JG MOEBUS.
    And maybe me too!
    Whereas just an anti-war theme was pretty innocuous.
    Anyway, I am going to miss debating with most of Bills readers, you being one of them Denise.


    1. Thanks, Dennis. Don’t despair, though. I ‘m betting Bill will go back to allowing comments eventually. He’s probably just trying to send a message. He hasn’t had much success in keeping things civil, so…. Moebus promises he’ll settle down, then breaks that promise with the next post.


  7. The email I sent to my friend Jeff Moebus…..goodness me! I was very angry. In my old age I have become adept at letting things roll off my back. But that day he really got to me.

    Has anybody ever told you that you are a condescending arsehole?
    Your debates with me are not to educate me, but to belittle me.
    Exactly the bullshit attitude you were taught as a grunt in the military.
    And why American GI’s are so disliked around the World.
    And probably why you never made it higher than Sgt.

    If we were to debate my subject, Civil Engineering, I could rip you a new arsehole.
    But I wouldn’t – we Kiwi’s are taught to be polite.

    Anyway, consider our short relationship over.
    I’m too old to be worried about what some dipshit on the internet thinks of me.
    I will be blocking your future emails
    Take care


    1. Well, he does perpetually come across as smug, condescending, and arrogant, no question. That’s why I stopped interacting with him weeks ago—I don’t comment on anything he posts, and if he comments on something I say, I don’t respond. He pretty much leaves me alone now. Only way to handle him.


    1. Biden began the reference. From the get-go, he’s called tRump, “the former guy,” refusing to use his name. I think that, under the laws of synchronicity, that acronym is totally appropriate—you don’t name what you don’t want to manifest. Keep putting it out there, and that’s what you’ll keep getting back.

      BTW, I’m having problems with the blog platform. I can’t “like” anything, and I’m having to go through a two-step log-in process for every comment, even on my own site. Dunno what the snafu is, but surely it won’t be resolved until after the July 4th “holiday.”


      1. I still don’t get it! I must be slow!

        What does T F G stand for?

        Is it Trump?

        Sorry you are struggling with your blog platform Denise.

        I can’t help you. I can barely operate my iphone! hahaha


  8. Yep, you got it. The Former Guy, TFG, = the ex-President with the orange hair.

    As for the blog platform, it’s likely an argument between the software update in my phone and the software in the platform. I’ll call on the techs to sort it out.


    1. Sounds as if you are now where the U.S. was 15 or 20 years ago, with the added burden of the supply-chain problems.

      “….we are experiencing higher than expected demand….”  That started in the U.S. at least 5 years ago, maybe 10.

      Interesting that your ministers recognize the issue with the lack of quality education, and are predicting a drastic effect 30 years down the line. Here, there were a few outliers who saw that education was going down the tubes decades ago, and warned about it, but no one in authority took any notice. Now we’re almost into our third generation of largely-ignorant young people. I say that using our two nieces and two of our three nephews as examples.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Denise, you really really need to put aside 2-hrs to watch and take in this video.

    This guy explains why things are going to shit in America and New Zealand.

    Hope you are well my dear.
    Take care.


  10. I wonder what our friend “ALEX” who posts on BV did for a living?
    Is a Californian?
    Just wondering.
    Sometimes he appears to be well read – other times like right wing nut job!


  11. Did you get your blog problem all fixed Denise?
    I know how you feel
    I just bought myself the latest and greatest iphone.
    I have never had a smart phone before..
    Man….there is helluva lot to learn on this phone – frustrating!


    1. Nope. Didn’t even try, because it’s a weekend, and of course, we have Independence Day tomorrow. Will wait until Tuesday.

      Know what you mean about the phone. I’m in my second year with my Android model, and have divested it of everything I could dump. I know you just got your phone, but if you decide to take a hammer to it, would suggest getting a Jitterbug, if they’re available in NZ:


  12. Off topic Denise:
    Yesterday I signed up for Ubereats on my brand new all singing and dancing iphone!
    Today, every site I visit on my laptop is inundated with Ubereats advertisements!
    The internet knows what I am thinking, and what I have done!
    Isn’t that scary!


  13. A related story.
    We were riding our BMW motorcycles in Africa.
    We were in Dar es Salam Tanzania.
    We went to a very long street market.
    At one of the first stalls my wife enquired about buying a bag.
    She didn’t like the one they offered.
    As we walked down that long street of stalls, every seller had a bag ready to sell her……as soon as they saw her coming.
    The Dar Es Salam underground “internet” was working to perfection!


  14. Another Africa story..
    At a gas station, we saw a poor gal with her baby strapped to her back selling tooth brushes.
    I said to Anne ..go help that poor gal out – buy a toothbrush.
    As Anne approached her, she pulled out he iphone to answer it!
    They did not have running water – but Apple was ripping them off!


    1. It’s like that everywhere in the States—falling-apart houses, cars up on blocks, but they have satellite dishes and the whole family has cellphones.

      I’ve read stories of refugee camps in third-world countries where satellite dishes were the next priority after a roof, food, and water. I’ve seen photos of rows of tiny shacks, each one with a dish on the roof.


  15. Another Africa story
    We stopped at a smart BP gas station to fill up.
    With nicely uniformed attendant
    “When will get some?”
    “We don’t know. Maybe next week!”


      1. Denise, the Seattle Marine Construction Company that I worked for made a small fortune on the EXXON Valdez clean up.


  16. One last Africa story..
    Filling up that huge BMW motorcycle tank, 7-gallons, ……..Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. Ding Ding
    A poor African kid pulled up to fill his little Chinese motorbike…. Ding…. One Ding!
    “Man that thing does not take much gas!” I said.
    “Oh no man – that’s all I can afford!”
    Go ahead and fill him up – I’ll pay for it”
    And we couldn’t leave with him clinging to our ankles thanking us!
    Our Tour Guide said he probably went round the corner and syphoned it all off to his mates!


  17. poor gal with her baby strapped to her back selling tooth brushes with her iphone.

    At the hotel that night with our rich ugly American friends…

    Not……”How we going to help these poor people get running water?”

    But…”Man I got to buy me some more Apple stock!”


  18. But the saddest of all.
    I was admiring, holding and cradling a very young baby for an African mother…
    ( very few fathers around – Aids had hit that town pretty hard.)
    She kept jabbering away and wildly gesticulating and pointing to my arm.
    I could not figure it out.
    Later our African Tour Guide, Eligio, filled me in.
    She could see my gold Rolex watch, with I’m ashamed its embedded diamonds, and was telling me she desperately wanted to swap her baby for that watch.
    The horror never struck me til that night in our hotel room.


  19. The reason the BP station had no gas was that the gasoline tanker had got a flat tyre about 40-miles out of town. The roads are terrible. They had been there for 2-weeks (!) trying to lever the axle off the ground to change the flat. Using tree limbs and large rocks! It was so pitiful – but typical according to our Tour Guide.

    I could write a book on those 3-weeks we spent riding in Africa. A soul destroying education. And I have ridden motorcycles all over the World. Including across Russia. Nothing matches Africa for depravity. And what little they had the white man stole. Those diamond mines – oh my God!


  20. Our Tour leader was driving a Land Rover with a trailer holding our gas cans because in many places you could not get gas. One day we got into huge milling traffic jamb, and people, I forget what city it was, one of the bigger ones. It took hours to get thru at 2 mph.
    That night Eligio pointed to the trailer. How many cans did we have there Dennis? Ten – I said. Look there only 8 now – they had literally cut our straps and stolen our gas in that traffic jamb.


  21. My young doctor daughter did a stint working for DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS in Malawi.
    Having a dad who was in Construction she eagerly pitched in to help them build a concrete block house.
    She tells of instructing a your African boy to go get a bucket of water to mix the mortar.
    Late the next day (!) he proudly showed up with half a bucket of rancid water he had got from a well.
    We Westerners just don’t know what we are up against trying to help these poor soles.

    We ran across them digging a trench between two towns, about 10-miles apart, for a telephone cable I guess.
    In America or New Zealand we would dig that in about 3-days or less with an excavator (digger).
    In Africa they bused a load of teenage boys to the trench every day.
    Who dug the trench by hand with primitive tools at about 10′-0″ per day! It took months!
    Even in the remotest parts of Russia they had Japanese KUBOTA diesel excavators.


  22. The entrepreneur who was making wrought iron gates.
    With a 240Volt electric Welder like you buy for $199 at Home Depot or Lowes in the US.
    He did not have an wall electrical outlet socket that matched.
    He ripped his wall outlet apart exposing the bare wires.
    Ripped the plug off the welder chord! Threw it away!
    Twisted the bare wires together – and away you go!
    Welding goggle – pfffft!

    Or the guy who jump started one of our BMW motorcycles with a flat battery.
    He showed up with a huge 24volt truck battery that he could barely lift.
    And a bail of bare copper wire.(!)
    He cut two pcs of copper wire about 6′-0″ long.
    Held each end with his bare hands between the truck battery terminals and our tiny BMW battery terminals – with much sparking!
    And away you go!

    And for these people this is just part of daily life.
    We talked to an English guy who rented equipment.
    He said, Dennis – these guys could wreck an anvil in one day!


  23. And how those clever Chinese are actually helping the people of Africa.
    In Africa a lot of the transportation is still by cart and donkey – hard as that is to believe.
    With two long, what do you call them, wooden deals that go forward from the cart and attach to the donkey harness.
    You sit in the cart and whip your poor donkeys

    A Chinese company had come up with an ingenious diesel engined donkey.
    Just a diesel engine with two large tractor wheels and long handle bars that reach back to the operator.
    He sits on his cart and put…put….put…put off you go.

    You think an American Company would have done this? Not a chance.
    You have heard the stories of American NGO’s who wanted to supply all African school kids with Ipads.
    When nobody had electricity! LOL


  24. And in Zimbabwe where we came across a bunch of youngsters running around holding huge wads of paper money!
    $1,000,000 ZWL bills – absolutely worthless. Not worth the paper they were printed on.
    These kids sold them to American tourists for novelty souvenirs. US$1.00 each.
    Then they ran across the border to buy stale bread at the Super Market in Botswana.


  25. Hey Denise, Sorry for hijacking your site.
    But I am feeling very lonely today, and struggling with being sick on that damn Chemo.
    Writing is therapeutic – and today I just wanted to write and share my experiences with others.
    Yours is the only place I can do that. Tell me to bugger-off (Kiwi colloquium) if I am annoying you.
    I am also feeling guilty that I have been hijacking WJA’s blog as well.


  26. Crossing the border, with 1,000’s of milling throngs.
    The Africans have no idea of what a line is.
    You fight your way to the window to have you passport stamped. It takes hours.
    Then mounting your bike to leave – a uniformed soldier with a machine gun runs up – “Did you pay your Carbon Tax?”
    OK, follow me – to a 20′-0″ shipping container with its doors open on one end.
    In there is his girlfriend, with a chair and table, and a receipt book like you buy at Walmart with carbon paper!
    $50 – Carbon Tax please. Yeah right! But what you going to do?


  27. Or the policeman in Lusaka in his smart white uniform looking like he just stepped out of last century colonial Britain.
    “I need to see you Reflective Triangles”
    ” Yes if you get a flat tyre on your motorcycle you need to put out your Reflective Triangles”
    “We don’t have any”
    “No problem. If you give me $20 I will let you off, but just this one time”


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