Bye-Bye, WordPress

To my readers and followers,

Happy New Year!!!

With the idea of jettisoning all the old and ineffective, this post will be my last one on the WordPress, site. It’s a long, sad tale. Last June, I reported to the WordPress IT department that I was having increasing issues with responding to comments on my posts. I couldn’t even “like” comments. Nor could I “like” comments on other WordPress blogs, let alone comment on fellow bloggers’ posts. I was continually asked to log in, and the platform would not remember my login/device information. These issues persisted across different devices and browsers, a sure indication that the problem wasn’t on my end. Various fixes suggested by friends (thanks, Ray and Bill) worked on some of the issues some of the time, on some devices.

Navigating the WordPress IT department is a most frustrating exercise in futility. I never messaged with the same person twice, over several dozen exchanges. Many of the techs never read the history of my issues. Having worked with IT departments for twenty years, I know exactly what happened: each time my ticket came around in the queue, the next tech in line pulled it up and offered his or her pet theory, none of which resolved the issues. The ticket then went back into the queue, only to surface again five or six days later, when someone else would email and say, “Hey, why don’t you try this?” My answer would be, “I tried that three weeks ago, and it didn’t fix anything.” It took probably two months before WordPress admitted that the issues might lie on their end, but even so, they didn’t know what to do about them. After maybe three months, I got a message that they were closing my ticket, but would continue to “research” the problem. I responded to say that I was quite well aware that in tech-speak, that meant my issues were being consigned to the ether, never to be revisited. That way, IT could keep up the required clearance rate for trouble tickets. I got a vehement denial and many reassurances in reply, but the reality is that I haven’t heard from WordPress since then.

Until yesterday, that is, when they thoughtfully sent me notice that my originally free subscription was due to renew next month. Last year, they began levying charges for using their platform, which had previously been free. So I’m going to owe them for having a blog and for having a domain for said blog. Uh….no. Oh, and if I want to start a non-WordPress blog, there will be a nominal charge to redirect readers to the new site. That’s not happening, either.

Soon, I will be posting a new essay on Substack ( If any of you would like to comment in the meantime, my WordPress account will be open for a couple more weeks. I can read what you post, but answering may be a whole ‘nother story.

Hope to hear from all of you when I start over on Substack!

12 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, WordPress

  1. Good luck, Denise! I’ll add your new substack site to my recommended sites once you’re up and running. Look forward to reading it!


  2. I’ll be looking for your ramblings on Substack Denise
    I enjoy your take on the World.
    Don’t let this be a setback for you.
    Take care. No worries from New Zealand my dear


      1. My friends tell me I have a horseshoe up my ass!”

        I have a large 1 bedroom apartment in Downtown Ottawa-Hull, Canada’s Capital, heated, with an off street parking space, and I’m paying $566CAD/$422USD. That’s because I’ve lived here since 2006 long before rents went crazy. At my age and time here, I’m a protected species with the Quebec Rental Board.
        I’m able to pay the rent, utilities, food for me and my 3 cats, plus car Insurance, gas and repairs on my Old Age Security with the Supplement of $1777CAD/$1300USD per month with a little left over.

        Bonus luck – the Canadian government just announced a one Time payment of $500CAD Housing bonus because of the crazy high rents. You have to apply for it and I did this am. I was told the $500 would be in my Bank Account within 5 Business Days.

        There are a lot of long Time renters on my Block here before rents went crazy, but with new tenants just moving on the Block, apartments smaller than mine are costing $1200/$1300/month, electric heat extra.
        I have reasons for Thanksgiving Daily, not saving it all up for stuffing myself just for 1 Day a year.

        substack wouldn’t show this;


          1. I did kiss the Blarney Stone crossing the Pond (Atlantic) and stopping in Dublin in 1961 as an Officer Cadet on a Canadian Frigate during Summer Training. Luck was with me then too.
            Being gung ho, there were 3 different starting dates for training and I signed up for the 1st start date.
            One day by chance, I happened to stop at the Canadian Naval Supply Depot in Montreal and happened to meet the Commanding Officer, a Commodore who invited me to Lunch.

            Being privy to where Canadian Warships were scheduled to travel during Summer training, he asked me if I wanted to know where I would be travelling with the Navy in the Summer. Would I?

            As it was scheduled, all those signed onto the 1st training period wouldn’t be going anywhere, staying in Halifax Harbour.
            Those who signed up for the 2nd start were going to Dublin, Ireland, and Portsmouth, England.
            I changed my start date. Luck or what?



  3. Good decision Denise. Our statewide group has just abandoned Word Press after several months of failing to get what we wanted just to start up.DD


    1. Gotta admit, it seems pretty stupid to refuse to help the people who are supporting the platform. But their IT department said there’s no one in charge, no manager to whom one can appeal, so they’ve obviously abdicated responsibility for resolving issues.


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