About Me

This photo was taken on a very wet day (what else?) during a too-short trip to London in the fall of 2019. I’d love to go back there!

I’m a newly retired person, formerly an administrative professional. But that was only my public persona. In my “real” life, I’m first and foremost an animal lover and a strong advocate for the environment and ecosystems. Writing has been second nature to me all my life, so now that I have the leisure time, I’ve decided to commit my thoughts to the blogosphere. I have no characteristics or accomplishments that would make me famous. I have life experiences to offer, drawn from six decades of ups and downs, with perhaps more crises than the average Jane. I still feel 27 mentally, and consider myself a rock-and-roll person, much more of a rebel and agnostic than I appear. I spent over 17 years in food service and hospitality, in both an island resort and a hotel with international clientele. Those years were a school that taught me lessons I could have gotten nowhere else. I’ve learned that it’s possible to persevere through anything; one can come out on the other side, with a LOT of help from friends, and, for those who are lucky, steadfast family.

I welcome replies and comments to my random musings!

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