Less Research, More Action, Please

“When a person lives in poverty, a growing body of research suggests the limbic system is constantly sending fear and stress messages to the prefrontal cortex, which overloads its ability to solve problems, set goals, and complete tasks in the most efficient ways. “This happens to everyone at some point, regardless of social class. TheContinue reading “Less Research, More Action, Please”

I Had a “Retired” Day!

When a co-worker retired several years ago, my last words to her were, “Congratulations!  You’ve escaped.  Enjoy your freedom!”  At last, at last, she was no longer a slave to someone else’s schedule.  I was deeply envious. I’ve always thought that true leisure time is a much rarer commodity than money, taking dramatically more effortContinue reading “I Had a “Retired” Day!”

We’re All Affected

“Violence is not a symbol, but a reality: people get hurt, businesses get destroyed, kids get arrested, and catharsis is always momentary. Always it is the most vulnerable – people of color – who get hurt, watch their businesses burn, get arrested, and then have their catharsis with tears in their eyes.”   Stephen Eric Bronner,Continue reading “We’re All Affected”

Why Is Everything So Hard?

“Isn’t it funny how day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.” – C. S. Lewis “Nothing ever changes for the better.” – Unknown It’s hard to pinpoint, exactly, when things began to change so drastically in this country.  Many pundits set the beginning of our current debacle at Reagan’sContinue reading “Why Is Everything So Hard?”