We’re Toast, People…

…at least for the foreseeable future.  Stick a fork in the good ol’ USA, ’cause we’re done. Some reasonable, informed people have commented that the 2020 election has already been a loser no matter the outcome (W.J. Astore, for example, provides his reasoning here), because both candidates are abysmal on multiple levels.  I couldn’t agreeContinue reading “We’re Toast, People…”

The Winner Takes It All

I’ve been reading dozens of articles about today’s election, as has the majority of the population, I’d guess.  The opinions and analyses I’ve consumed have originated from left-leaning sources, as I quite frankly have given up on the “know your enemy” effort.  In any case, the “enemy” has displayed his views with such vehemence andContinue reading “The Winner Takes It All”

Another “WHY?” Question

In my last post, I questioned why militias are permitted to roam the country freely, leaving mayhem — and kidnapping plots — in their wakes, with just a few individual arrests here and there.  Now comes my bafflement at the fact that the Democrats, given myriad opportunities to call, “Foul!” have remained silent.  It passesContinue reading “Another “WHY?” Question”

Manly Men with Guns

“There is no right in any state for groups of individuals to arm themselves and organize either to oppose or augment the government.” –  Mary B. McCord, legal director for Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and a visiting professor; she was the acting assistant attorney general for national security at the DepartmentContinue reading “Manly Men with Guns”

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It”

A wise, veteran blogger who I follow has me sitting back, shaking my head in admiration at his post today.  Professor William J. Astore has an almost uncanny ability to discern and extract basic truths which are staring us in the face, but which no one else has yet articulated.  His latest observation is thatContinue reading ““It’s the End of the World as We Know It””

Simple Equation: Actions ==> Consequences

Way back in the mid-20th century, it used to be a given among most people that the things they did would have outcomes for which they were responsible.  If they made a mistake, they dealt with the fallout.  If they were careless, they paid the price; maybe they grumbled, but they paid.  Now, of course,Continue reading “Simple Equation: Actions ==> Consequences”