Unlawful Disorder

The NY Times headline on August 27th reads, “With Wisconsin Unrest as Backdrop, Republicans Intensify Law-and-Order Message.”  That is, the GOP is painting the Dems as weak on crime and tolerant of anarchy. Such a stance becomes the height of irony when a rifle-toting, police-loving Orange supporter kills innocent protesters on the sidewalk.  A 17-year-oldContinue reading “Unlawful Disorder”

Night Owl, and Fine with It

There aren’t many of us, relatively speaking.  I’ve only known one other person like me.  Sure, college students cram during all-nighters and party into the wee hours, and maybe early 20-somethings go clubbing on the weekends until the bars close, but people who are actually wired to be alert most of the night and sleepContinue reading “Night Owl, and Fine with It”

News Flash! Oklahoma Is Native American Territory

On July 9, the Supreme Court decided that, for legal jurisdiction purposes, the eastern half of Oklahoma is part of the Muscogee (Creek) reservation.  This section includes the state capital.  The decision means that if a Native American is involved in a major crime within the reservation boundaries, the case will be tried in federalContinue reading “News Flash! Oklahoma Is Native American Territory”