Thoughts on the Road

Here we are, last week of September, taking our annual camping vacation.  Because Rick has his favorite state park in the fall, and I have mine, we divide our time between the two.  We go to Rick’s choice first, Mohican State Park, because there’s a top-notch restaurant nearby, adjacent to a modern-day castle on aContinue reading “Thoughts on the Road”

I’m NOT “We”

In an introduction to a new post on the TomDispatch site, commenter Nick Turse evokes Lady MacBeth as he laments the indelible blood on his hands as a result of the U.S.’ War on Terror.  The preface connects to an article by Kelly Denton-Borhaug entitled, “A Parable of (All-American) Violence – Accountability and the WarContinue reading “I’m NOT “We””

Seasonal Changes

Usually, an equinox passes almost unnoticed, with little or no accompanying weather change; it’s just a man-made designation, signifying equal hours of light and darkness on a given day.  It’s an official watershed marking the slow slide into cold weather, but it’s nothing to particularly note in and of itself, as a rule, unless oneContinue reading “Seasonal Changes”

Empathy Is NOT Us

Running through all of U.S. foreign policy is one basic flaw:  a total lack of empathy for other nations and cultures.  I don’t mean by this statement that our government doesn’t calculate that if we do A, then the other country will react by doing B.  Obviously, diplomats, policy strategists, and the medal-laden occupants ofContinue reading “Empathy Is NOT Us”

Somebody Dial 911

As I commented on another forum, W. J. Astore’s powerful Bracing Views, the day the Twin Towers fell left me with memories of both horror and poignancy.  The horror part is self-explanatory.  The poignancy may seem surprising.  I was working in an office in downtown Cleveland on 9/11.  It happened to stand next to theContinue reading “Somebody Dial 911”

The Egg and the Chicken

It’s a fact of the 21st century:  any news outlet will tell you that the United States is a country deeply divided, perhaps more so than ever before.  It seems as if reports are constantly full of “what the Republican base wants.”  Every diversionary or stalling tactic that Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy put intoContinue reading “The Egg and the Chicken”

To Work or Not to Work

Economist Paul Krugman, who’s been pretty accurate in his predictions since the 2008 crash, wrote a column today weighing in on the benefits of extended unemployment payments.  There have been endless screeds on this subject, of course.  Predictably, conservatives are unequivocal in their conviction that people are not going back to work as soon asContinue reading “To Work or Not to Work”


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