The Joy of Barking

Our next-door neighbor Mike says he never minds the barking of dogs, because it’s the way they express themselves and communicate.  It’s a good thing he’s tolerant, because our shih tzus tend to be vocal around breakfast and dinner times, and whenever I’m out of sight for too long.  And our beagle, well….he sometimes seemsContinue reading “The Joy of Barking”

Greed ISN’T Good

Social activist Naomi Klein coined the term, “disaster capitalism,” and wrote a book about it.  The concept isn’t new; it just means that entities and corporations take advantage of damaging natural and manmade occurrences to rake in obscene profits.  In fact, Klein says, such individuals and groups may actively encourage adverse conditions—or impede preparedness forContinue reading “Greed ISN’T Good”

More in the "Get it Right" Department

Ohio has now joined the other nine (as of this writing) states in lockdown, while several other states have “merely” closed nonessential businesses.  Protests against such draconian measures are now cropping up nationwide, with commenters criticizing groupthink in general and raising questions as to whether the blanket approach is necessary, or even the best move. Continue reading “More in the "Get it Right" Department”

PANIC! ….or….not?

According to Michael Moore, the answer is, “Yes! Panic!  Do it now!”  The hook of Moore’s latest headline is, “Millions Will Die….”  He advocates “smart” panic, and sounds a call to all Americans to make demands of local, state, and federal officials.  Among the demands, he says, should be nationalization of factories to make masks,Continue reading “PANIC! ….or….not?”