“Entitled” Is a Dirty Word

Two entirely disparate stories in the news today caught my eye. In the first was a report of proposed efforts to compel COVID vaccinations in Europe.  The teaser reads:  “France is taking the lead in making life unpleasant for the unvaccinated, even requiring some people to get shots. Protesters see a soft dictatorship dawning.”  TheContinue reading ““Entitled” Is a Dirty Word”

Erasing History

Near the end of the Game of Thrones series, just before the battle to save humans from annihilation, there’s a strategy meeting among the leaders of the human forces.  It’s pointed out that the enemy’s objective is to bring about “endless night.”  To do that, he must destroy the all-seeing conservator of humans’ memories, aContinue reading “Erasing History”

Musings on the Olympics

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been watching the Olympic trials.  Well, almost exclusively the women’s gymnastics competition.  By the way, does it freak anybody else out that some of the track and field events had to be postponed yesterday until the heat abated to a bearable level?  In Oregon?  Not good. Anyway,Continue reading “Musings on the Olympics”

Exceptional? Ayup. In So Many Ways

Watching the Olympic trials the last couple days, I was thinking that the opening ceremonies in Tokyo next month (always my favorite part of the Games) will undoubtedly feature elements of Japan’s unique, fascinating culture*.  Then I thought, “And what elements of U.S. culture could be featured if the Games were being held stateside?”  Fast-foodContinue reading “Exceptional? Ayup. In So Many Ways”

“Malaise” Is the Word

I recently marked a birthday.  My 63rd, to be exact.  When I was very small, there was always a cake and candles, with a toy or two.  When I got a bit older, birthdays lost their luster, because our family couldn’t afford much fanfare.  As my mother became increasingly incapacitated, there weren’t even cakes anymore. Continue reading ““Malaise” Is the Word”